Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School Holiday Reading

Thought I'd share what I'm reading these school holiday's.

The Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits Yes it's a 1990 Australian Women's Weekly Classic. Don't you just love that brown!

Real Living Magazine (Oz Version) I've subscribed to this magazine since Issue 1. There have been many changes in this magazine, one noticeably craft / bloggers are being featured in this mag.

The Tomato Book Pretty good book. Didn't realise how many types of tomato's there were.

The Good Life (Complete Series) I have very strong wonderful memories of watching this show with my parents, back in the 1970's. The show is so innocent and refreshing, compared to TV shows that are made now. The topic of 'self-sufficient' is even more relevant today!

Single in the City I don't usually read girly books, but when I saw it was set in London, I thought, why not and give it ago. I'm actually really enjoying it, it's funny and forward. Excellent holiday reading material.

So what are you reading?..................

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  1. I have that biscuit book. Bought it in the 90s, too! It contains my favourite shortbread recipe, the Lebkuchen recipe I've used every Christmas, and the Anzac biscuit recipe I always use.