Monday, March 19, 2012

Bank Street Market - My Thoughts

On Saturday my lovely husband drove me all the way to South Melbourne at the wee hour of 7am. It was the weekend of the Grand Prix here in Melbourne, so the city was buzzing with traffic, hot air balloons and events.

Many moons ago I won a inside stall at the launch of the Bank Street Market, which was a buzz. However the buzz slowly disappeared when I discovered where I was, I was located in the doorway. You may remember, I didn't do well at a Thread Den market back in 2010. I was placed next to the door. I didn't sell a thing.

One thing I have learnt about having a stall near a door, you get to understand the psychology of the shopper. The following things I have observed:-

People use the doorway / entrances as a walk through
People who do stop, don't stay long, because they are pushed along by others
People's walking pace becomes quicker when they walk through, than what it is in the market hall.
People are pushed along by others who have prams.
People tend to ask for directions.
People tend to stop in the doorways and have conversations.
And finally it's bloody cold in the doorways!

I remember telling the Thread Den Market organiser, that it would be good idea not to have a stall near doors. But alas they didn't take my advice. Next market, there was someone there. Sigh... I will advise the Bank Street Market organisers of my thoughts about the position. As the old saying goes, location, location, location. Also I feel 9am is too early for a craft market to start.

Anyway, as a 1st market. The selection of stalls were lovely, music and a cafe was available for the patrons. The school hall was classic and the court yard had a great feel, especially with those hay bails. :-) I wish the organisers the best of luck for their future Bank Street Markets.


  1. I didn't get to see your position but I agree with your "shoppers mentality" list. A doorway is not a good position to sell. A doorway is a link between inside and outside not to stop and look at your merchandise. It's a shame that it happened that way, but it is a new market...they will find their way :o)

  2. Sounds like the trick with a doorway position is to make your stall a walk-in alcove kind. Get people to step out of the flow of traffic. They might even get 'trapped' in your little alcove while waiting for others to pass - and end up giving your stock a longer look than they might normally have.

    Even better if you can somehow wrangle a heater. That'd make them more likely to stick around, too. But I imagine that'd be very hard to arrange.