Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 22 The Nigella Lawson Look

When I first watched Nigella Lawson all those years ago, I was a little taken back. She was / is so beautiful and so sexy. And the way she talked and worked with food, I felt like I was watching 'food porn'. But Nigella Lawson is more than that.  She is intelligent, savvy and is courageous.  She isn't afraid to be herself and isn't worried about her curves.  I love that.  However saying that, Nigella, recently has lost weight. I understand one has to look after ones health etc, but I do miss the Nigella Lawson I know from all those years ago.

Get the Nigella Look 


3: Mengsel - Moka Express tea towel Black (as seen on Nigellissima)

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