Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do you have a map?

Every year we have a Christmas wreath on the front door.  The one we have is looking mighty sorry for it's self, so I thought I would make one out of maps. I love maps, love there colours, grids and so on.  I sometimes think I should have been a cartographer.

First step, measure around a very large bowl, then use one that is smaller.  Cut out the inner circle.

Second step, cut out the leaves.  I used a template of a leaf, so all the leaves would be of similar size. Cut the leaves,  either glue or staple them to your paper ring.  I stapled them.

Last step. Tie a ribbon and hang on door.  I hid the ribbon under the leaves. 


  1. Beky, this looks awesome. I love my maps too ( :

  2. That is so fabulous. Great idea and it looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks Imogen. It was enjoyable to make, but very time consuming.