Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st Northside Makers Market - Report

My little store

Very tired today, however it was all worth it.

Saturday morning I had butterflies in my stomach, I wasn't nervous for me, I was nervous and excited for the organsiers. The 3 lasses and their supportive partners put a lot work into organising a market. Which isn't an easy task. A lot happens behind the scenes which I don't think people are aware of. I have a fair idea seeing I have helped run science fiction conventions in the past.

Anyway the day started helping out and set up tables etc. Then of course set up my own table. I was happier with the layout of my table at this market. I recently purchased an old magazine holder from the Salvos, painted it and added a cardboard shelf up the top. I didn't want to use wood, that would have increased the weight.

While setting up, I had my first sale at 10am! 1/2 hour before the market officially starts! A nice little boost. :-) I noticed the public started trickling in around 10.20am.

During the day I had my family and friends visit, which was lovely.

Overall the day was a success for me, I met some lovely stallholders and customers. The only sad thing for me as a stallholder is, I cannot browse around and take my time looking at all the goodies.

Tirese - Decorative Origami Crane Chains


Alison - Stitch in Time


  1. Thanks for being part of the day Beky! Sorry I was discombobulated by seeing you out the front when I turned up in the morning - I really hadn't paid much attention to Margaret's request that people come early to help out! Your stall looked fantastic.

  2. well done Beky!!! so happy for you to have had such a great day!!! I heard yesterday when I was doing Yarraville market that Northside was a huge success and everyone had a fabulous time! I really hope I get in for next month!!

    ~ Samone