Monday, October 19, 2009

'Lark' ..... I'm here!

Allison and Beky

It's been a long time coming but I and my mum finally got to visit the 'Lark' shop in Daylesford, Victoria. It was the perfect day to do so.

We found the Lark near the MS shop. When I first saw the shop frontage it was a little weird. I have seen the front of the shop so many times on the Internet, seeing it in the flesh, so to speak, was quite weird but also very exciting.

Walking in, there was Allison the shop owner behind the desk. Hesitantly I said hi and introduced myself. Poor thing, she has these complete strangers who know her name and a little a bit about her because of Lark Blog. After formal introductions, it was time to shop!

I was thrilled out of my brain there was the Kamoi Paper washi adhesive tape from Japan that I have been hanging out for. My poor mum just didn't understand why I got so excited about Washi tape, but I'm sure a few of you out there would understand. :-) Also purchased the latest issue of 'Make Your Day World Sweet World'. My mother did her birthday and Christmas shopping at Lark, so she was VERY happy.

The shop is really beautiful, white, clean and fresh. The vibe is homey and I wish Allison and her team all the luck with her new venture. We will be visiting again for sure!!! Thanks Allison for the talk and being so helpful. Thanks also for being in the photo for my blog, I said, it's like meeting a celebrity blogger. :-)

4a Duke Street, Daylesford
(behind the MS Shop)
(03) 5348 1853

Open 10.30-4.00
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
(closed Wednesdays)


  1. The photos are lovely...makes me want to go shopping too!

  2. its a bit far for me to go but it looks great...i know that retail excitement feeling..

  3. Thanks Beky, it was lovely to meet you and your mum! I'm going to put you on my blog later today! Thanks also for the links. Enjoy the tape! Allison xxx

  4. ohhh, lucky girl! what a fun day and great shopping!