Thursday, October 22, 2009

My creative space....

Joining in on Kootoyoo creative space once again.....

Once again my creative space is my poor little desk. I clean it up, it gets messy, I clean it up and gets messy. You would think I could keep it clean and tidy seeing I love organising. But what do they always say, one never practices what they preach.

At present I'm making more windmills, they sold like hot cakes at the last market. I love making them.

I always get my son to test them and give the approval. A dear friend Karen, suggested I give my son an approval stamp when he gives it the aok. My mother said, don't let him know he's giving advice etc, he will charge consultation fees.


  1. What a cute little creative space you have. Isn't it weird how to you it looks like a big mess, but to me it just looks creative!

  2. Great space - really cosy and fun!