Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sewing an Itchy Bird

Recently purchased this wonderful paper bird sewing kit. I had to have it, when I saw it at Magnolia Square last Saturday.

So to tackle the kit I quickly learn't how to do blanket stitch, by watching a Youtube tutorial. I liked this Youtube video, not only did I learn a new stitch, but I was able to learn via hearing this soothing music. Which was a must, for a budding sewer like me. So on with the kit.

Itchy Bird has included everything in the kit, which sells for $10.00. The instructions, paper, thread, icy pole stick, pattern, glue spots and legs. What you need, is a sewing needle and hot glue gun.

Isn't the bird so cute. The paper is a print of an old London map. So perfect.
[If you want to contact Itchy Bird, please email me and I will send you her email or go here for their Etsy store.]