Monday, April 12, 2010

Thread Den / Kick and Screen

Yesterday I met the lovely Eleanor from Kick and Screen . We had a lovely chat about screen printing and the wonderful world of running a business. Check out her web site, wonderful to see another Melbourne business flourishing.


On a disapointing note, yesterday wasn't the best market I have been to. This time I was in a different location, the corridor near the doors. In theory I thought it would be an excellent position, near the food, toilets and stairs. But alas it was the worse position. I and my fellow crafty companion Little Cooties, were asked directions so many times, to where the Ballroom was. It got a little annoying. Well I have learn't a lot from yesterdays market, it's so true that location can not always be what it seems.

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  1. Aye, position is tough. In doing stall placements for Northside more than once we gave what we thought would be a fantastic possie to someone, only to have it fall flat.