Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goodies from the market

Had a lovely day at the Made In Thornbury market on Saturday. Crowds were down, but I went very well selling my goodies.

My stash for the day was this beautiful t.lighthaus translucent cylinder that has a photographic image printed on it. It was really difficult to choose which to buy, so many beautiful images.

t. lighthouse by mwmatiz

The next goodie I purchased I unfortunatly cannot show you. To be blunt it's in my stomach. :-) But it was a devine slice of fetta and leek tart, made with love by Melbourne Epicure. However I can show you their fantastic business cards, which I have decided will go up on my inspiration wall.


  1. always nice seeing you Beky!
    glad you had a good day, always love the crowd in thornbury.
    thanks for the mention.
    I didn't see those lighthaus cylinders, looks very fabulous.
    I sent you a FB message

  2. I didn't see them either... where were they?! Nice buy! great to hear that you went well :)

  3. Thanks so much for the rap! I really appreciate it.
    See you at the next market in July?
    Mariana @ m2matiz