Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paperchase a little tour

Recently on my trip to the UK, I was able to indulge in having a quick peek at Paperchase in Canterbury, Kent. It was such a joy to see the stationery in the flesh, so to speak, where I have only seen the goodies on many blogs.

The styles of stationery in Paperchase are very colorful, playful and a little bit retro. There are many Paperchase stores located around the UK, I do hope they come to Oz.

As you can see, the Christmas range were on display in September!! Seeing Christmas and Halloween decorations up at the same time, is a little bit wrong, I feel.

In another shop in Avebury, I saw this Christmas card, which I just adored. Illustrating the 12 days of Christmas.

 There you go, a little tour of stationery in the UK.


  1. hi Beky,
    so glad you enjoyed your trip to our Canterbury store:
    thanks for the post

  2. Hi Becky, Glad to hear you're enjoying the UK. I think you can buy Paperchase at Borders Melbourne Central.If you visit Oxford go to the Bodleian Library bookshop, it's terrific.