Friday, November 11, 2011

Design Sponge at Home

Back in July I featured the book trailer for the up-and-coming book 'Design*Sponge at Home' by Grace Bonney.  Well my wonderful mum bought me a copy!!!

For those who don't know, Grace Bonney started a blog 7 years ago called Design*Sponge. Like many popular blogs, there is now a book version.

Design*Sponge at Home is the perfect coffee table book. It's beautiful and sturdy. The book is divided into 'Sneak Peeks', 'DIY Projects', 'DIY Basics', 'Flower Workshop' and the popular 'Before & After' shots.

In the 'Sneak Peeks' chapter, there are a vast amount of eye candy photos of people's homes.  One can see many examples of interior design styles, featured in homes in places like South Africa, New York, Sydney, and Melbourne! The photos are clear, crisp and beautiful to look at. Text is informative and is rich in inspiration.

Our next delicious chapter is the DIY Projects. There is an assortment of projects one can do. Ranging from recycle cake stands to pressed botanical specimens. Each project gives you a list of ingredients you will need for your project, the cost and estimated amount of time it will take to complete.

Next we have the DIY Basics.  Tools every homeowner should have. Then we have a basic but clearly illustrated projects one can do around the house. Like, 'How to Paint Furniture', 'Hanging Wallpaper' and 'sewing basics'.

Our next chapter is ' Flower Workshop'. As someone who has done a basic florist course, this is an excellent chapter. There are certainly some lovely photos and some cute modern ideas.

Lastly we have the 'Before & After' chapter, this is my favourite.  It never ceases to amaze me, what people create out of old furniture and items.

Once again there is a basic explanation of how to complete the project, cost and estimated time. Certainly some inspiring projects.

'Design *Sponge at Home' met my expectations. Beautifully designed, produced and a joy to read. It would be an excellent house warming present or Christmas present.

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