Sunday, February 17, 2013

Suitcase Rummage Market

I braved the heat here in Melbourne and visited the Suitcase Rummage Market at The Thornbury Theatre.

The Suitcase Rummage Market is a little different to the usual market.  The stall holders sell second hand items or handmade items from out of a suitcase.  Pretty simple really. 

Majority of the items that were on sale were second hand clothes, ranging from modern day to a little bit of retro clothing.  Saw these gorgeous shoes, tried them on (feeling a little like Cinderella), but alas, no, they did not fit.  

I am thinking of participating in one of their next markets.  There are not many markets left that are at a reasonable price and their stall or I should say a suitcase position is at a reasonable price.  When one sells stationery, one needs to sell a lot of products just to break even.  It's times like these I wish I sewed or made jewellery. 

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