Sunday, February 10, 2013

Titanic Style

I've had a strong interest in the White Star Liner the Titanic, for a long time.  I love the history, scandal and of course the clothing of the Edwardian time.  For Christmas I was given a beautiful book about the clothing on the Titanic. The book illustrates and explains in an in depth manner the styles of clothing that were worn by each class.  Also one gets an insight on the history of famous fashion houses in Paris, London and New York of the time.  It certainly is a must read book for anyone who has an interest in historical fashion and history.

Get the Titanic / Edwardian Look. 

1: Titanic Style: Dress and Fashion on the Voyage - Grace Evans - Amazon
2: Belt Long Skirt - MANGO 
3: Silver Filigree Heart Pendant - Past Times
4: Silk lace bodice with bobbles Edwardian 1900s - Circa Vintage
6: Stitches Long Sleeve Ottoman Jacket - David Jones


  1. I love the boots! Can't go past a great pair of vintage boots ;)

    1. Yes they are very nice. But I must admit I like number 6 very much too!