Monday, March 11, 2013

Stamping away....

A couple of weeks ago, I and a few other lasses had our first craft day for 2013.  I thought, should I get back into my crochet, no, far too hot. And the thought of having a crochet rug over my lap was not appealing.  So I thought it was time to learn how to carve my own stamps.

Setting up my lovely collection of carving tools and carving blocks, fellow crafter Trudi, also decided to do some carving. She is far more experienced than I, so I was very grateful that Trudi shared her skills and wisdom into the world of carving. I must say, it's harder than it looks!  But very therapeutic at the same time.

Well that first time carving was a few weeks ago.  So I thought I would tackle it again.

In the above picture you can see a heart and a handbag at the top left.  They were my stamps from the craft day.  This time I carved a traditional comic speaking bubble and a dress.  A little better this time.

I'm still trying to get the technique right to make sharp lines.  I guess as they say, 'practice makes perfect'.

Stamp Creating - Get the Supplies

Eraser  (Cheap and good to practice on) - Any Office Supplies 
Lino Wood Tools Set - Eckersley 
Silk Cut Lino - Eckersley 
Stampin Up Pad Ink - Stampin Up Demonstrator -Karen