Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 - January Rewind

The gang over at the Creative Collective have invited people to take up the challenge of the 'January Rewind'. It's aim to reflect over what happened in 2011 and think about the highs and lows. So lets go back down memory lane.

5th - I crocheted my very first amigurumi soft toy. I crocheted this little robot dog for my mum. She now carries it in her bag for good luck.
30th - I attended my first Zentangle TM lesson. Conducted by one of the 2 official Zentangle teachers. I found the whole experience relaxing, fun and very inspiring. I still use Zentangle to help me get to sleep.

- My products were excepted into a retail shop. Seeing my products in the Curious Oyster Shoppe was such a super boost.
30th - Visiting the Melbourne Finders Keepers. Once again I find it inspirational, fun and there are too many goodies that I want!

3rd - The Hottie Challenge. Even though I didn't participate, it was inspirational and amazing. I so hope there is one this year. I may even take up the challenge!!

4th - I had this old design, so I thought I would check out what it would be like on fabric. Pretty cool, thanks to Spoonflower
9th - By this happening, I fulfilled a bucket list dream. Getting my product printed in a magazine! Thank you Paperunway!

The last highlight was going to England, seeing my mother-in-law and sweet friend Sam.

My mother-in-law died. Hubby and I had to rush back to England, to organise funeral and pack the house up. A very stressful and sad time.
Christmas Day - The storms that hit Melbourne. We were ok, air-con flooded. But we came out of it easily, compared to some people.

Overall I look at 2011. It had its high times, but I didn't achieve everything I wanted to do, for many reasons. Lets hope 2012 is better.

Why don't you join the January Rewind too.

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